What can I do for you?

If you would like to hire me for your literary needs, I offer the following services:

I now offer mentoring services for new writers and would-be authors. You will receive in-depth analysis and proofreading of your work and Zoom/Skype call consultations to discuss progress and direction. My fees are highly competitive in the market for this service which can be as short or as extensive as you wish or your budget allows. Many of my clients have gone on to be represented by agents and/or be published by established print publishers. Contact me at DKPowell at gmail.com (replace ‘at’ with @) for more details.

  • Social media services

You can hire me for short, medium or long-term periods to keep your business social media presence up-to-date. I’ll make sure your Facebook , Pinterest and Instagram pages are regularly updated, your Twitter feed active with appropriate SEO and your blog page kept alive with snappy, interesting posts which bring traffic to your business. I’ll ensure you make the best use of your publicity photos and testimonials so potential clients are attracted to what you have to offer. I can also organize your newsletters, response emails and press releases.

Contact me at DKPowell at gmail.com (replace ‘at’ with @) for a quote. You can receive an hour of my work for free in return to see what I can do for you and for referrals to your own network. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll get an unbeatable personal service.

  • Guest Blogging / newsletters

My posts have appeared on numerous blogs and in-house newsletter dealing with everything from AD(H)D to Advice for writers. subject areas I cover are the same as for print publications (see General Interest Articles below).

“Beautifully written; love the humor and honesty”

comment: Black Box Warnings 

  • General Interest Articles, Short stories and Front-of-Book pieces

With several years experience and articles/short stories published around the world including Paste, Little India and Magicseen I can offer you professional quality pieces for most general interest areas. For more specialist knowledge I can offer the following areas:

  1. Education – advice for parents, student and  teachers. I have over twenty years experience teaching from six-year-olds to post-degree level. I advise students on mnemonics (memory aids), examination and study techniques.  A few years ago we found out my son has ADHD and then discovered I’ve had it myself all my life so I can provide helpful advice for parents and teachers working with AD(H)D children and teenagers. Over the last five years I’ve been involved with training new teachers and dealing with cross-cultural issues.
  2. Reviews – Books, music albums of all genres, Musicals and theater productions.
  3. Asia – particularly Bangladesh but also India and, to a lesser degree, Pakistan. I have a good understanding of Indian sub-continent history and sociology particularly with how this fits in with the rest of the world.
  4. Science – for children and teenagers. I make learning Science FUN!
  5. Music – with two degrees in Music and twenty years of experience in this field there is very little I won’t cover here. Some of my ex-students are now rising stars in the UK Music scene. I also have a good grasp of the Indian subcontinent Music system and play both tabla and sitar.
  6. Theology/Sociology/Anthropology – With post-graduate qualifications in these subjects along with various others too, I can offer a wide range of topics.
  • Academic writing

I do not write essays for students. If you need someone to write your essay for you, you shouldn’t be doing that course, it’s as simple as that.

do write essays for academic journals or for more in-depth pieces for high-brow magazines. Right now I can offer such work for Music, Science, Theology and Asian Studies in religion, society and politics.

Please note that Academic writing is hard and time-consuming. I charge more for this kind of work to reflect the effort needed.

“You’re my secret weapon!”

Editor for one of China’s top Science publications

  • Editing

I love reading the work of others and enjoy offering editing help. I offer a wide range of editing services and will give advice to university students completing essays (remember, however, I won’t write it for you). I will proofread essays, articles and books and/or give advice about content, layout and structure. I do not guarantee successful outcomes (no editor can – they are lying if they say otherwise) but I will improve your work.

Writers whose first language isn’t English have found my help invaluable. You can request a summary of your writing weaknesses after I edit your work to help you improve your writing skills.

I charge by the hour for these services and after you contact me I will request to see the piece before I give a final quote. If I have no comments or edits to make I will charge you nothing more than the upfront fee (which is a reading fee). It will have been a pleasure to read and learn from your excellent work!

“Even when I started writing my book I used to send him rough drafts to edit and suggest me with changes and today when it is out and published I owe it to him.”

Kruti Mehta, Amazon bestselling author and blogger at 10 Evening Flowers

  • Ebook writing

If you need a writer/Editor for your book idea get in touch and I’ll see if I can help you. I’ve edited a number of Ebooks for clients all over the world and contributed chapters for several books too. Editing and/or writing books for clients is a big undertaking so we will need to discuss your project in-depth and I will only take it on if I believe I can provide a quality service for you.

  • Ghostwriting services

Want to tell your story? Promote an organisation you work for by writing its history? Feel unable to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard?

Then send me an email and tell me your ideas.

I take on a very small number of books to write on behalf of others each year. Be warned, this is not a cheap service (it will cost you a four-figure sum) and there is no guarantee you’ll end up with an Amazon best-seller (beware of sites that tell you they can guarantee it – they’re lying). If this is a labor of love for you and you want a professional to get that dream book together, then drop me a line.


 “I think the best kind of help is the one that teaches you how to help yourself, and that’s exactly the kind of magic Ken does…that’s when you realize how amazing a teacher and writer he is. I wish him all the luck in the world and am proud to have received help and guidance from him!” 

Norah Shagir, English student and blogger at My Elegantly Cluttered Chamber

“The way he writes and describes his life in Bangladesh makes me feel like booking a ticket right away to the place and experience it myself.”

Kruti Mehta, Amazon bestselling author and blogger at 10 Evening Flowers

What will it cost me?

Everyone wants:

the best quality work;

in the shortest time;

for the cheapest price.

Current perceived wisdom among writers is this:

Pick two.

I agree with this in principle though I take a great deal of pride in my commercial work and inevitably give it more time than I charge to ensure I’m satisfied with it. So I prefer to say:

Take quality for granted. Pick one other.

When you get in touch with me and you’ve told me the brief I will want to know what is your deadline too. Then I will quote you a price. I try to keep in with current rates while remaining  competitive but I’m not going to undercut the writing market. If you want me to write ten 1,000 word blog posts for $5 I will laugh in your face and ignore you rather impolitely. I’m not craigslist

Once we have agreed a price and you have returned the contract I send you (via email) you then pay me an upfront fee (usually 40-50% of the agreed total) and I begin work for you. I will then send the completed work and you pay me the balance.

Great! How do I get in contact with you?

You can private message me on Twitter:


Or better still, drop me a line through email:

DKPowell.contact at gmail.com  (replace the ‘at’ with @)

Please make sure you give a heading of “query” or similar and make sure you put “from _______” and fill in your name. Please send no attachments until asked to do so. Otherwise, I’ll assume you are spam and delete you without opening the email (You have been warned).

Follow those instructions and give me a (brief) outline of how I can help you and I’ll get back to you with a quote.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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