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I’m not the biggest fan of Darnell Jackson, I’m sorry to say.

I find his style a bit brash and I’m not fond of some of the ways he thinks about writing and marketing. Nevertheless, his blogs are worth glancing over and, from time to time, he comes up with something really rather useful.

Like this post here on finding photo images you can make use of:

The How-to Find Images for Your Blog posts post. » Your Online Biz.
Although he titles it as being for blogs, in reality his advice covers any kind of self-publishing. For someone like me who’s about to self-publish a number of books (bar an agent or publisher snapping them up – and even then I want to publish some of them myself) this is a really useful post giving several ideas and more than a few links to good websites.

If you are looking for photo images you can use for your blog or Ebook, check out the post from Darnell. Don’t be put off by my criticism of his style. It’s a personal thing and I suspect he is well appreciated by those who have a more ‘killer instinct’ for marketing. For me, marketing is a necessary, but definite, evil so I just don’t get that excited about it.

Oh! One resource I do recommend particularly is Unsplash. You can subscribe to receive weekly emails giving you the latest images uploaded and these can all be used free for your publications.



5 thoughts on “Recommendation: How to Find Images for Your Blog posts post – Your Online Biz

  1. “. . . a necessary, but definite evil. . .”

    Don’t tell, but I feel pretty much the same way about social media for blogging. And per my most recent post, you can guess it isn’t my project I’m speaking of. . . 🙂


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