25 Unintentionally Funny Newspaper Headlines

A little light humor for you all today on Write Out Loud. I often cringe when I read some of the posts on my two blogs and realise that, despite, several re-reads and edits, errors of even the most basic kind have slipped in.

I take heart then, that collections of gaffes like this exist. I realise that there are others in the world making a living through words who mangle them much more than from time to time. While these are all very silly, everyone gets it wrong. I’ve seen highbrow newspapers like The Guardian make textbook errors and even spotted mistakes with authors going back as far as  Dickens. We’re human. If you’re a writer – take heart – you don’t screw it up alone.


Army vehicle disappears


Man accused of killing lawyer receives a new attorney

Se the rest here: 25 Unintentionally Funny Newspaper Headlines.

Part Two here.



13 thoughts on “25 Unintentionally Funny Newspaper Headlines

  1. My favorite segment on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” was always Monday night ‘Headlines’ (back when I watched TV).

    Thanks for sharing this, Ken, I just got done with a very personal and passionate. . . rant. . . and very much appreciate the change, however fleeting. . . 😉


  2. Made my day!!! Brilliant!!!! 🙂
    A similar one to the “earthquake”, is “the flames of fire” [heard in the news several times!] and I remember a 2page spread tribute to J.S. Bach in a newspaper, read: Johann Sebastian Bam, in huge type and right under “the great mater cook” [the words ‘musician’ and ‘cook’ begin with similar syllables in Greek – hence the mistake] That all was published in one of the oldest and very respected newspapers! We call them “typography demons”!
    Happy Sunday, Ken! 🙂


      1. But I honestly don’t understand how that can happen in newspapers… don’t they get peer reviewed before being published?? Some of the stuff is crazy!


      2. I think some rags are more professional than others but, to be honest, when you’re pushed for time to meet a deadline, I think any of us could be guilty of such gaffes. My favourite from long ago was:
        “Golfing Mother of Nine Makes Hole in One.”
        Still makes me giggle, that one…


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