Review: ‘Write Your Way Out of The Rat Race’ by Linda Formichelli

I was honoured when Linda asked me to be one of her beta-readers for her latest Kindle book written to help writers considering giving up the day job and begin trying to earn a living from words.

I was even more pleased to end up being one of the ‘rat-race escapees’ she quotes throughout the book. So you immediately have a good reason to buy this book – I’m in it!

More seriously, though, Linda’s book isn’t worth the money she’s selling it for. Oh no.

It’s worth much, much more than that – and no surprise considering Linda Formichelli is the co-author of the acclaimed The Renegade Writera bestselling book considered essential for all writers to read these days.

This is the book I wish I’d had when I began writing professionally part-time about three years ago. If you are a writer who has been wondering if you could ‘make the break’ and finally try earning your living from your words, then this is the book you need to read.

The author writes clearly, concisely and with an easy, friendly style which makes the book very natural to read. The pace is swift and each chapter is broken down into lots of short sections meaning you can pick it up and put it down whenever you need to.  The subheadings also mean it is easy to find certain sections when you want to check her advice again. Believe me, you will want to do this!

Her book divides into four sections:

The first looks at whether or not leaving the ‘rat-race’ really is for you (it’s not for everybody) and how to make that decision.

The second part, assumes you are going to go for it (yay!) and looks at how you break into this without burning boats with your soon-to-be-former-boss, scheduling time to write, money matters and so on.

The third contains fantastic, solid and very practical advice about breaking into a range of writing markets. Whether you want to write for magazines, blogs or content marketing, Linda Formichelli tells you just how to go about it. It is this section that makes the book worth much more than the asking price.

The final section is a brief but important check-up on just whether you are really ready to leave those rats behind and become a full-time writer. It also has some useful bio information about the interviewed writers quoted in the book – yep, that includes yours truly J

For writers like me who have already gone full-time as freelancers, some of the advice is a little redundant – though it’s always useful to be reminded of things you might have forgotten, of course. Nevertheless, the third section alone makes the book worth buying. I found two particular sections incredibly helpful:

  • The LOI/Query advice in chapter 13 is worth ten times the price of the book. Linda Formichelli gives a straightforward template which I use now without fail.
  • Chap 18  contains advice for making the ‘Perfect pages’ for your website or blog. I’m still working my way through this one – on this very blog (still under construction) – and I know I will come back to Linda’s advice again and again.

These are just two of my personal favourite sections for the book but you will find plenty of your own. Write your way out of the Rat-Race is packed with useful advice and will make a welcome addition to any writer’s resources.

In summary, this is a must-read e-book for anyone seriously contemplating making a living from writing. It’s an excellent resource for all writers – pro or not – and is jammed-packed with links to other useful resources and goodies. I really can’t understand why Linda is selling it for so little other than the fact she is a really nice lady whose career centres around helping other writers. The price means there’s no excuse not to buy it, you have nothing to lose. Besides, you’ll find my name in it handful of times 😉

So what are you waiting for? Go buy it!

You can buy ‘Write Your Way Out of The Rat Race for Kindle on Amazon UK

You can buy it here on

Linda Formichelli’s excellent website can be found here:  The Renegade Writer


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