9 Rules for Interviews I didn’t expect

One of the more recent gems I’ve come to discover among the many blogs I follow, is Wonder Sonder. The writer who calls herself Raadrahman manages to craft perfect posts every time. She writes with flair and has that uncanny ability to pull you in to anything she chooses to write about. Many of her subjects are not really related to my interests but I’ve long since learned never to miss a single one of her posts. Everything she writes is interesting.

This post – on Gabriel Garcia Marquez – was only peripherally of interest: He’s a writer, but not one I know particularly. But this is Wonder Sonder so…I read it anyway.

I’m glad I did. Marquez berates a reporter for using a tape recorder and then Raadrahman goes on to summarize the nine key lessons Marquez gives about taking interviews.

The lessons quite simply fly in the face of advice journalists are taught to believe. Although I’m not a qualified journalist, I have taken training and read countless reports and books on taking interview notes. It’s possible that’s why I take very few interviews when there’s quite an open market for the genre. I don’t feel comfortable with some of the tenets universally held by all, it appears.

But Marquez’s advice I can do. It’s my way of thinking. It feels more intuitively right.

I’ll admit, I probably do take just a handful of scribblings when interviewing and would probably feel this man’s ire for doing so but still, his advice is a breath of fresh air.

Take a look at his nine lessons for yourself over at Wonder Sonder and see what you think:

Nine Timeless Insights on Journalism From Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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4 thoughts on “9 Rules for Interviews I didn’t expect

    1. lol I must confess, my memory is not good either! I take a very few notes – just the absolute essential facts – but otherwise just listen, ask questions, go home and write everything up as quick as I can!


    1. Thank you Raad – and nice to know you more properly too – I should have guessed actually by paying more attention to your blog name! I’m very pleased you enjoyed the feedback – I truly enjoy all your posts. Best wishes K


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