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Here’s a couple of pieces I’ve written for Egremont 2Day recently.


Hats off to the Boys who go Full Monty

From the opening, where we all wondered how they got a complete car on the stage, until the final ‘will-they-won’t-they’ strip, the crowd roared with laughter and cheered the courageous lads on as they told the story of six ordinary men coping with unemployment and becoming strippers along the way.



“Society encourages us to buy more and put it on credit,” Julian Berkeley told me when I asked how people get into debt, “but no one shows people how to budget or what ‘interest-free credit’ really means. It’s so easy to find debts spiral out of control. People often take three years before they finally ask for help. Sadly, many become suicidal.” 

Breaking the Grip of Debt

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