Recommended Resource: Shannon A. Thompson – Editing services

Today I’m going to recommend something a little unusual – a rival to my own services!

I don’t do this lightly – I enjoy the editing work I do and my clients know I provide a quality service. That said, I’m a writer first and foremost and I’m in a happy position where my writing work takes up the bulk of my time these days. So, as I have little room for clients who want work editing at the moment, I’m happy to recommend someone who I know will produce wonderful work for you. But hurry – She’s booking up fast!

Shannon A. Thompson is a young woman who has made a big impact in a short space of time. The author of the much acclaimed Timely Death YA trilogy and, just recently, began a new trilogy of books with the unusual twist of setting a drug addict as the hero, Shannon knows the writing world with an intimacy few her age can manage. The number of followers she has gained in just a few years is the envy of most writers.

Snapped up by her publishers to work as well as write for them, she also knows the publishing world too and can give excellent advice about social media, advertising, blurbs and so on. I don’t know anyone else on the fiction-writing scene who has such a well-rounded knowledge of the industry.

With the new author in mind, Shannon offers very low fees for editing service starting at $1 per 1,000 words for content editing and $2 per 1,000 words for proofreading. I can tell you my fees are considerably more than that and I’m not expensive! I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a quality editor for hire for cheaper and there’s no doubt about Shannon’s abilities. She has deliberately kept her fees low because she knows how it is for the penniless newbie and is more interested in helping writers produce the best quality they can than growing fat on extortionate fees!

Shannon offers a full range of editing, imaging, promoting and digital support; she will, in effect, be your Personal Assistant if you go for the full package!

In recent days, Shannon and her publishers decided to part company and she’s now working solo – which means she’s more available for hire than ever before. However, I spoke to her just recently and her bookings list is already filling fast. She’s well-known and people trust her abilities as much as her delightfully honest and friendly persona. So if you’re thinking of hiring an editor for your new book I’d hire her now if I was you.

Besides which, Shannon continues to write her own books and is on the look-out for a new relationship with a publishing company. I doubt very much that it will be long before she is snapped up. At that point I suspect she’ll need to find a balance (as I do) between her writing and her editing services and that will mean having to close her client list to new applications at some point – so don’t delay!

You can find a full list of her services here:

Alternatively email her at – she’s a very lovely person who will make you feel comfortable and wants to discuss your needs rather than push her wares on you. You won’t be disappointed.


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