Latest posts from E2D

The local paper I write for, Egremont 2Day, has begun the slow process of getting its website up-to-date and presentable. This means several of my articles are now available to read. Here’s a few of my last…

Coming to a Graveyard near you!

Project leader Cath Gash at the presentation

Odd one this yet I’ve ended up writing about the unusual activity of this cartography company based in Cumbria. Read about it here.

Water challenge? What a challenge!


I love writing about the good things people are doing to help others. I particularly love it when they work for those in need globally. Read about it here.

Sometimes the true picture isn’t always black and white


An article close to my heart for several reasons. I love optical illusions, I’m fascinating by psychology and the area of violent abuse is important to me. It’s an area I will be exploring more in the future. Read about it here.

Who does our thinking for us?


Written in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo murders (I refuse to refer to the event as an ‘act of terrorism’). Read about it here.

The St Bees Man finally revealed?


Finally, a nice oddball piece this. Who would have guessed that buried beneath the priory of this sleepy village lies a perfectly preserved knight from olden times? Read about it here.


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