Book Review: Framed Butterflies

Framed Butterflies: A NovelFramed Butterflies: A Novel by Raad Rahman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a fascinating look into modern life for middle class Bangladeshis against the the backdrop of a scandalous lesbian affair. One of the few books really dealing with the double-mindedness of a certain class of Asians, I found the book rang true with my experience of Bangladeshi people.

It’s another book to add to the canon of the likes of Ali’s Brick Lane which asks the question ‘what does it mean to be Bangladeshi?’. This is not an easy question to answer and Rahman does not attempt to whitewash the issue here. You’re left with more questions than answers yet feel you’ve made an important journey along with the protagonist.
Highly recommended – I look forward to more from this young, impressive writer.

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