Music Review: Lola L’amour – Are You Looking For Love?

This review was originally published on The Doughnut.

Lola Lamour Are you looking for love EP cover

A provocative title from a provocative lady who flirts with you with her eyes and her body as much as with her sultry, smokey voice. This Jazz Lady par excellance, recreating original songs in the tradition of Peggy Lee and Doris Day, is a delight to listen to, and a feast to the eyes. Ably helped along with her backing band,The Lamours, this vixen is bringing the sparkle of the vintage era of the 50s back into fashion all over the UK and Europe.

So dedicated to this bygone age of glamour and big bands is Lola that even her home recreates the 50s/60s era so accurately that it has been used as a set for several TV productions. This singer/songerwiter’s music, though completely original, is immediately recognisable as vintage Rhythm and Blues yet dances with life and appeals to modern tastes. The combination is simply intoxicating.

Her four-track EP released at the end of March this year, is fun without being frivilous. The title track is hot and eminently toe-tappingly addictive while the single “Slow Motion Love Affair” is not dissimilar to Si Cranstoun’s sound (in fact the two have shared many a stage together). My favourite though, which I share here, is “A Little Of What You Fancy”. Hell this is blues at its hottest and most fun. The Youtube video is gloriously OTT (watch out for the naughtiest umbrella around at 2:45)but riveting.

So invite a little bygone sensuality and fun into your life and go check out this artist. Am I looking for love? You bet I am now Lola!


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