Music Review: Maconi Union Weightless

Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol. 2)


I’ve just reviewed Marconi Union‘s Weightless album on Doughnut and thought music fans might like to check it out. As a Christmas bonus for you all though I’m offering a little more if you enjoy this kind of ambient music. My advice is take a gander at the review and listen to the track (they’ll come up as separate tabs), then come back here and read on to find out more about the band and the rather cool interactive way you can play with this music!

“At the time of writing, Christmas is almost upon us and I’m rushing around trying to get all that last-minute shopping completed along with all the other men who, like me, have left it all to the last minute. Stressed doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now.

By contrast – with twelve million fans worldwide – British ambient band, Marconi Union, can certainly be putting their feet up and relaxing knowing they’ve done a good job with their latest album, ‘Weightless’. Thankfully, their success is helping me too because the title track (part I – actually ALL the tracks are title tracks as they’re all called ‘Weightless’ but you get what I mean – the track released as their single) has been declared ‘officially the most relaxing track in the world’. I can certainly attest that it is gloriously dreamy. I can feel my heart beat slowing as I listen like a car running out of fuel on the highway. I don’t know if I’m in danger of falling asleep or going into a coma-like trance worthy of a Zen master.”

To continue reading click here (don’t forget to come back!):

I hope you loved the track as much as I did. The whole album is worth purchasing if you’re into ambient. Furthermore, you can read more about the Manchester duo, the album and their recent collaboration with MAI here:

The project between the band and MAI is quite fascinating and had me playing with it for hours. The piece, called Weightless/Endless is formed from the star-like geometrical shape used for the cover to the album. By clicking on the points of the star you can trigger samples from the album and when you click on the centre of the star something very interesting occurs. Before you know it, you’re creating your own continuous version of Marconi Union’s music. Give it a try here:

I hope you enjoy the experience. I’ve not tried it all on a phone so I don’t know how well it will work if you’re mobile and reading this but do let me know if you try! On the laptop, with headphones on, it’s a beautiful experience.


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