Here’s looking forward to a brand new year!

Just a quick post today to say ‘Happy New Year’ to all my friends, supporters and clients wherever you are in the world. I’m grateful for your love, time, encouragement and – to all you editors, private clients and people who bought my book – your cash!

2014 has not been an easy year, having moved 5,000 miles from Bangladesh to the UK, moved home and dealing with personal difficulties which were all but soul-destroying. I will be glad to see the back of this year if I’m honest! Nevertheless, from a freelance point of view it has been my best year yet. That couldn’t have been so without you guys.

2015 looks promising with two books ready to publish and at least two more being considered by editors. Work is flowing in for the year already and things generally are looking up. I try not to make resolutions but one big aim for the coming year is to finally get into writing for radio and TV. Keep following to see if I manage it. I still have those same personal difficulties mentioned earlier to deal with and I’m not looking forward to that aspect of my life but, professionally, it looks like 2015 will be better than ever!

So may I wish you all a happy and prosperous new year (after all, your prosperity means more business potential for me 😉 ) and thank you once again for giving me an audience so this writing lark can be my livelihood and not just my joy. Without you there’d be no me.

Here’s to 2015!



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