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It’s the beginning of a new year and a lot of you will be making the same old ‘I must start doing some exercise‘ New Year resolutions. You know it’s important to get fit and stay healthy but you also know that by March you’ll have been to the gym once and never found the time since to make use of the at expensive year’s membership fee you forked out in a moment of youthful enthusiasm.

Perhaps you’ll manage to do some vague kind of exercise from time to time or occasionally get out some kind of Pilates DVD or similar but despite promising yourself you’ll get up half an hour earlier each morning to do it, the winter months are too cold, too dark and you’re too darned tired to manage it. By Spring you don’t even know where the DVD has vanished to.

I would like to recommend BodBot to you as an inexpensive alternative.

It may seem odd for a writer on his writing blog to talk about exercise and recommend an exercise website as a writing resource but there is a reason, I promise!

Anyone who knows me in real life knows I’m no sporting legend – I hated sports at school and was bullied by the sports teachers. My first job, as an insurance clerk, left me with neck and back injuries thanks to lifting hefty piles of papers badly and filing them into awkward shelves. It wasn’t until 2013 – 25 years later – that I finally received the physio exercises I needed to allow me to handle weight-training and exercise without my neck going into spasm or throwing my back out and being laid up for days.

Those physio exercises came at just the right time as I turned full-time freelancer beginning a career which would see me bound the desk and laptop more than any other I’d had. I had no choice really but to get serious about exercise. It was either that or suffer the consequences of bad posture and repetitive strain injury which comes from spending ten hours a day writing.

I knew I needed something which would hold me accountable to the exercise I promised myself I’d do and tell me how to go about doing it safely; I was a complete novice at this.

Enter BodBot!

This website, which you can join for free – as I did for the whole of 2014 – will give you a personally tailored workout routine to fit your needs. I told mine I wanted to work out 6 days a week for no more than 30 minutes per day and that I wanted to build muscle weight, develop my abs and pecs and build stamina. BodBot handled it all.



Initially, I had no weights bench nor weights – no problem! BodBot gave me exercises using just me, the floor, a door, a skipping rope, a chair and so on. Then, as my family and I moved house, I got my dumb bells out of storage and updated BodBot to include exercises using those. Finally, our small multi-gym was retrieved and BodBot now gave me exercises which included this too.

Everyday, 6 days a week I receive an email from BodBot reminding me of the exercises I need to do and I can instruct it when I start doing more reps than requested or increased the weights I was using and the program automatically updates itself and demands more of you. Some of the exercises it recommended each week are so good I use them even on days BodBot doesn’t tell me to.

For the first time in my life I’ve exercised pretty much every single day (ok…I did have a few days off over Christmas) for the last year. My body is the fittest it has ever been (including when I was a young man) and I’ve gained nearly 16 kg in muscle weight! I kid you not. That doesn’t make me a body builder – that’s a long way off – but it is an astounding success story for me personally.

I have added other things to the mix; I use an exercise bike every other day and either go running on the beach when the weather is good or use my Wii Fit to run on the spot. I’ve also added some extra exercises to hit particular muscles using programs such as Exercise & Muscle Directory to target specifics such as shoulders (I don’t like the weedy look of mine) and neck (to further strengthen it to compensate for my lifelong weakness there). Nevertheless, it is BodBot which keeps me on track. I feel guilty if too many days pass and those daily emails keep coming in and can’t go more than a few days before I have to go exercise again.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed a few days either. BodBot asks you if you caught up by yourself when you return and, if not, it readjusts your routine to compensate. You can also track what you eat and what your calorie, carbs, protein intake comes to if you wish.

Nevertheless, interesting though this is, why recommend it to fellow writers? There’s a reason as I promised earlier…

Apart from the obvious health benefits common to all and somewhat important to anyone who is stuck behind a desk for most of the day, I’ve also found that exercising makes me write better. It may seem odd that losing 30 minutes – 1 hour each day actually gains me writing time yet this is exactly what happens. You’ll find many writing websites which say that going for a walk helps to get those creative juices flowing and this is true, but I’ve also found that getting up from the desk every hour or so to do 10-15 minutes of exercise brings me back to the laptop refreshed and buzzing. What I lose in time I gain in creative speed. You have the chance to think over ideas while you exercise and the physical effort gets blood pumping and all the right chemicals going to the brain to get it excited. Plus, I’ve found, you come back to work with a great sense of well-being and ‘can-do’ attitude which builds as you get better, faster, stronger each day. My body has never felt so fit nor my mind so active!

So…go further than just making that vague resolution to hit the gym at some point never. Sign up for BodBot and see how it works out for you.

BodBot does come in a paid version which unlocks even more superb features. It is just $35 for a year’s subscription until the end of January (2015) – less than $3 per month – which seems pretty decent to me! If you click on the word BodBot anywhere on this post you’ll be taken through to the sign-up page and can check out the site for yourself. You’ll also contribute a little to my subscription by using this link too as the nice people there have offered this incentive, though I would be recommending this site even if that didn’t happen. BodBot has gained the attention of praise of the likes of Forbes and USA Today and this doesn’t surprise me – it’s brilliantly conceived and I can’t recommend it enough.

Now I’d better stop writing, publish this post and go do some more exercise. I’ve got a lot that needs to be written today so I can’t afford not to.


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